Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Renewable Advantage

I just finished (and made a related presentation in my strategic management class at Boğaziçi University's Executive MBA program) Jeffrey Williams' famous book "Renewable Advantage".

Although I have some conflicts mainly about the artisian localization issue (which -according to my way of tought- is in contradiction with medieval guild structure), patent approach (described more as a defensive tool, which is -from my perspective- more likely should be considered as also an attack weapon) and some outdated examples; the concept of "economic time" (a simplified definition of the term can be the rate at which a company has to adapt to changes in the market which is examined in three main groups such as slow-cycle, standard-cycle and fast-cycle) and the journey within in the base of strategic management is worth of reading - especially if you are working in a "technology company existing in a fast economic cycle" like me.

I will provide more information about the term "economic time" in the next posts, but during this period dont miss it!

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