Friday, 21 September 2012

Notes On ICT Summit Eurasia 2012 - Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, I had a chance to attend the ICT Summit Eurasia 2012 for a day which is held between 11-13 September in Istanbul.
The second group of sessions I had attended are mainly about Mobile Health and Machine2Machine and Entrepreneurship.

Smart Education:
By 2014, it is estimated that the mobile health market will reach 40 billion USD, creating a great saving (estimated value for U.S. market is 3 to 6 billion USD).

Now the hot topics in this domain is health tourism and preventing diseases. Mobile Health is extremely important in the concept of "preventing diseases" as the health expense of an healthy individual is nearly 1000 USD whereas this number increases to 6000-16000 USD range for patients.

Based on this point of view, a new model for the health system should be designed. Current model in summary is something like:

Individual --> Sick --> Doctor --> Pharmacy

This should be changed such that the "Doctor" domain should have a tighter integration with the "Individual" domain.

The reasons behind the shallowness of mobile health in Turkey are defined as:
  • too much players
  • regulation problems
  • highly stationary structure

To achieve this, a national electronic health infrastructure should be constructed as the first step.

Mobile Health is extremely important for Turkey, because it is the only way to prevent the budget deficit in the health domain.


The number of mobile device users is reached to 5.9 billion across the world. By 2012, there will be 2.2 billion smart phone users available (in Turkey, this number will be 13.5 million).

The number of devices that contains a simcard is now 9 billion and this number will reach 50 billion by 2020.

In Turkey, the current M2M market is mainly concentrated on:
  • fleet and asset management
  • mobile pos
  • telemetry

This situation will turn into the following in the near future:
  • automotive
  • consumer electronics
  • health
  • transportation

M2M is not a technology issue anymore, it turns into a business and marketing problem.

Possible list of items defining how the M2M business will effect the Turkish market:
  • creation of local solutions easily
  • generating solutions in a quick manner/li>
  • creativity is much more important than the technology itself
  • solutions with competitiveness
  • big data gaining much more importance
  • business intelligence becoming more valuable
  • usage of data gathered in different areas

There are three main business models from the perspective of a MNO, such as (with revenue percentages):
  • B2B (%15 - %20)
  • B2B2C (%45 - %60)
  • (B+B)2C (%55 - %80)

Unfortunately, the "Entrepreneurship" sessions were a little bit disappointing except for the local success stories (but i think most of us in Turkish market already know the story of Nokta, Peak Games, etc.) The Manifesto of Entrepreneurship is simply:
  • team itself is one of the most important things (the most important thing at the beginning)
  • the diversity of team members can create a great synergy
  • idea is something but execution is something bigger
  • focus on things that matters

Yes, this two parts series is the summary of a day in ICT Summit Eurasia 2012. Hope to see you in Webit Congress 2012.

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