Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Titanium Studio - Content Assist Problem

As most of you know, Titanium Studio is one of the most popular cross-platform application development environment for mobile devices.

This week I started to use it to implement a basic mobile application (both for Android and iOS) for my division's (at work) yearly meeting.

Although Titanium Studio can ben defined as a "mature" product, it still have some nasty bugs and the one I first encountered is the Code Assist feature.

I checked forums, several blogs but couldn't find a solution. Then I began to check the preferences of the platform and the project that I am working on.

This may not hold for every case related to not working Code Assist feature, but in my case the solution is simply checking project's build path and selecting Titanium SDK if it is not already added to the build path. After this selecting, you may need to refresh the project.

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